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From: Hermit (
Date: Sun Jul 28 2002 - 19:26:45 MDT

[Joe Dees] If our country were to be lost to an undemocratic,
totalitarian adversary because a volunteer military were insufficient, all,
including those able yet unwilling to fight, would suffer.

[Hermit] Why do you think it would make a difference Joe? Between Mssrs Bush, Ashcrot et al (with a little help from the Supreme Court) the US does not seem to be doing to badly at establishing herself as an "undemocratic, totalitarian" state. After all, she is repudiating treaties left and right, ignoring her own constitution and international law, regulating, restricting the freedoms and intimidating her own citizens (and the rest of the world), and apparently shares values with other wonderful totalitarian, undemocratic countries such as China, Zimbabwe, Zaire/Congo etc.

[Hermit] Or is your objection just that the other "undemocratic, totalitarian" states are not American?

[Hermit] Besides, why should anyone have to fight to preserve Mr Bush's ability to destabilize nations and kill their citizens? It all seems a little silly to me.



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