Re: virus: A discourse on the recent flood of anti-Pomo articles

From: Dr Sebby (
Date: Sun Jul 28 2002 - 18:58:03 MDT

....which brings to mind a discovery i made recently. im all but certain
that the 'holocaust' per se never really happened....those "concentration"
camps were actually secret enclaves of vegans living together in remote
areas. the cults were dispersed and the jews grabbed ahold of the idea, and
voila!...the ultimate underdog story was born!


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From: "Walpurgis" <>

"Virian" is a label and as such is a constraint. Iím often uncomfortable
with according myself positions and espousing opinions and forming
affiliations... but if I didnít, quietism would be the only option.
However, I attach certain labels to myself - like vegan or atheist - because
I feel that some labels need political support, they need to be vocalised,

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