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Date: Sun Jul 28 2002 - 20:20:33 MDT

On 28 Jul 2002 at 19:26, Hermit wrote:

> [Joe Dees] If our country were to be lost to an undemocratic,
> totalitarian adversary because a volunteer military were insufficient, all,
> including those able yet unwilling to fight, would suffer.
> [Hermit] Why do you think it would make a difference Joe? Between
Mssrs Bush, Ashcroft et al (with a little help from the Supreme Court)
the US does not seem to be doing to badly at establishing herself as an
"undemocratic, totalitarian" state. After all, she is repudiating treaties
and right, ignoring her own constitution and international law,
restricting the freedoms and intimidating her own citizens (and the rest
the world), and apparently shares values with other wonderful
undemocratic countries such as China, Zimbabwe, Zaire/Congo etc.
I, of course, heartily disagree with your gross and offensive
mischaracterization of our participatory democracy. Although I voted
for Gore and believe that he won the popular vote by a c*nt hair if all
ballots were counted, it was the fault of the voters here that they did not
mark them legibly or in concert with their intentions. That will not
happen again.
While I am not in favor of the dimunition of civil liberties, I note that the
present administration is bending over backwards to make searches
egalitarian and non-profile-driven, to a hilarious and horrible PC
degree. The recent reorganization of several far-flung government
agencies into a cabinet-level department of homeland security is, I
believe, a necessary response to the organized domestic terrorist
threats presently faced by our nation. I also note that a pre-9/11
investigation of some of the terror flyers (Moussaoui among them) was
kiboshed by the FBI due to the fear that they would be seen as profiling
Islamics, with disastrous results.
I also do not think that we should be refusing to sign onto the treaty on
global warming; that will eventually turn around. We recently placed
our military under the prosecutorial discretion of a permanent
international war crimes tribunal, despite fears that politically motivated
prosecutions might be instigated against them. As far as your last
unsupported ad hominem canard as to shared values with supposedly
objectionable nations goes, please list the values they share and why
you find them repugnant.
> [Hermit] Or is your objection just that the other "undemocratic,
totalitarian" states are not American?
My objection is, of course, that many within the Islamic world, in
powerful and influential positions in several known terrorist-funding
states, object to us being secularly democratic and religiously
untotalitarian; in otherwise, we are dar-el-harb, and have not joined the
umma, and are willing to take that refusal as an attack on Islam and
thus 'defend' the faith by killing as many of us as they can manage.
> [Hermit] Besides, why should anyone have to fight to preserve Mr Bush's
ability to destabilize nations and kill their citizens? It all seems a little
to me.
Actually, I think we are presently fighting to eliminate Mr. Bin Ladin's
desire to do the same to us.
> Regards
> Hermit
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