virus: IRC debate

Date: Thu Sep 05 2002 - 14:18:25 MDT

[Joe Dees] It seems to me that Hermit is the scared one; scared to crawl out
of his
dark BBS garage and duke it out on the email list in clear vision of all
the sundry Virus neighborhood kids.

[Jake] The IRC debate would be logged and posted on the BBS. In fact I bet
you could paste the whole log into one Email and it would probably be shorter
than some of the cut and paste Emails that several have been drowning the
EMail list. There is no lack of visibility in such a format. In fact it
would probably do some good in moving the argument considerably forward so we
didn't keep repeating the same arguments over and over. The major difference
between this and the IRC format is the more real time aspect. Now if that is
what concerns you, then I can understand your objection. But otherwise these
claims of "hiding" just don't hold water. If you take up the challenge, we
will all be watching, either live, or through reading the log and probably
commenting on that as well.


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