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From: Dr Sebby (
Date: Thu Sep 05 2002 - 22:06:56 MDT

...Joe, regarding your whole theory about attacking iraq etc.. what do you
think will be the long term results? are we already in deep enough that
perma-hatred for us to the point of terrorism has taken root? could we not
back off and slowly nudge them towards the western world's notions of
society by merely gradual introductions to things that all humans like such
as 'twinkies', 'cable tv', britney's belly button, scotch, wanton sex with
young whore-lets, wanton soup, shopping malls rife with girls in a frenzie
of fashion, sex and shopping,.....pork sausage, the NFL, waterslide parks,
and shopping on Melrose....and then just wait for them to "come around"? it
seems like everyone else does if left alone. if we followed your reasoning
to a 'T', it seems like vietnam was a good idea and we shouldve attacked the
USSR back in the day. or...cuba wouldve been annexed, and further cold-war
tensions wouldve arisen. what youre suggesting pretty much necessitates
wiping out Islam - not a bad idea...but rather impossible to accomplish.
the ideologies of the enemy arent going to go anywhere or lessen...when
dealing with crazies, it is oft times better to wait them out and let them
hang themselves so to speak. not all situations have a winning situation.
this may be one of them.


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Subject: RE: virus: IRC debate
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 22:06:25 -0500

On 5 Sep 2002 at 19:41, Kalkor wrote:

> > [Joe Dees] It seems to me that Hermit is the scared one; scared to
> > crawl out of his dark BBS garage and duke it out on the email list
> > in clear vision of all the sundry Virus neighborhood kids.
> >
> > [Kalkor] Dood... are you the *ONLY* person who subscribes to this
> > list that is *NOT* paying attention???????? It seems pretty clear to
> > me that the whole point of this debate acceptance by Hermit is to
> > take the annoying argument *OUT* of the mailing list where the rest
> > of us have to wade through all the wordy bullshit. The caustic
> > little ad hominem attacks and the needlessly verbose second-hand
> > quote postings are the entire reason we *WANT* you to take this to
> > another forum. Please do so, or we're all slowly going to be
> > creating anti-joe filters in our respective email clients. How many
> > have already done so, or plan to do so in the near future? Show of
> > hands?
> >
> > <raises his hand>
> >
> > Seems that by increasing your output, you've shut off all your
> > intake. Pay some attention, dood. Talk is cheap because the supply
> > outweighs the demand.
> [Joe2]
> And this in defence of the notoriously voluminous and wordy Hermit?
> Whyncha expend some of this energy that you're burning trying to lure
> Hermit outta his hidey-hole, and less trying to lure me in?
> [Kalkor2]
> Please, may I have more words stuck into my mouth? Where, exactly, in
> my last post, did I "defend" hermit?
> I'm sure it doesn't need to be said again, because it has been said
> several times in the last couple days, but hermit's "voluminous and
> wordy" posts come from his fingers and brain, which I find valuable.
> Your "voluminous and wordy" posts appear as regurgitated drivel from
> the minds of those sharing your viewpoint. You would do well to at
> least alter the format of your posts to not give this impression.
> Moving on to your second "point"...
> I prefer to spend my energy in ways that benefit me or are useful to
> me. Were Hermit to come "outta his hidey-hole" I would not be nearly
> so benefitted as I would be were you to move this discussion out of
> this forum and into one more appropriate. To be honest, I could care
> less whether you debate hermit on this matter. As long as you shut the
> fuck up for a while, I'll be happy.
And fuck you. too, BBS denizen! The vast majority of Hermit's
contributions here have historically been cut'n'paste bullus shittus
combined with snide comments; ifnya need any reminder, check both
the list archives and 'Best of Virus' and commence a comparative
analysis. When I adopted his tactics as the only available way to
counter his list flooding, I am condemned, but not him, who has done so
since list time immemorial. Go ahead and filter me, fuckwad! I care
not, since your obviously precast opinion is of no consequence
whatsoever to me. It'll be YOU who are missing out, not me.
> Kalkor

"Courage...and shuffle the cards".

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