RE: virus: IRC debate

From: Kalkor (
Date: Thu Sep 05 2002 - 19:24:54 MDT

[Joe Dees] It seems to me that Hermit is the scared one; scared to crawl out
of his
dark BBS garage and duke it out on the email list in clear vision of all
the sundry Virus neighborhood kids.

[Kalkor] Dood... are you the *ONLY* person who subscribes to this list that
is *NOT* paying attention????????
It seems pretty clear to me that the whole point of this debate acceptance
by Hermit is to take the annoying argument *OUT* of the mailing list where
the rest of us have to wade through all the wordy bullshit. The caustic
little ad hominem attacks and the needlessly verbose second-hand quote
postings are the entire reason we *WANT* you to take this to another forum.
Please do so, or we're all slowly going to be creating anti-joe filters in
our respective email clients. How many have already done so, or plan to do
so in the near future? Show of hands?

<raises his hand>

Seems that by increasing your output, you've shut off all your intake. Pay
some attention, dood. Talk is cheap because the supply outweighs the demand.


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