virus: Combined post to Casey and Jonathan Davis.

From: Mermaid . (
Date: Tue Aug 13 2002 - 17:36:15 MDT

To Casey: Good idea. But look what happens even when the entire article is
posted. Jonathan Davis and Joe Dees refuse to look at the said link and
discuss the article. Jonathan Davis insists on throwing a tantrum about
accusations without a word about the actual content. When you deal with
children, you got to spell it out. Word for word.

To Jonathan Davis: I am ignoring your tantrums because honestly, its boring.
I am posting again what I wrote in my initial post(I mean it and I stand by
it. I do not see it as anything remotely resembling an insult and it was
meant that way. It was communicated to you in no unclear terms. ). Read it.
If you want to believe I was attacking you, TOUGH SHIT! ok?..:) Of course,
you can ignore it if you like and continue to spread your skewed and
terribly ignorant pov about the Palestinian plight. Let me know when you
have something useful to say.

P.S. Would you like some cheese with that whine?...:)

[Mermaid]I urge everyone to read the article. Especially Jonathan Davis and
Joe Dees as they seem to be the most affected in their views picked up from
the poisoned platter of media offerings. Ben, I'd be most interested in
hearing your point of view as we have already been involved in a discussion
about validity of sources and their interpretations.

It is a tragedy when language and people's reading time is being exploited
to further hate and political agendas.,7792,773258,00.html


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