RE: virus: Combined post to Casey and Jonathan Davis.

From: athe nonrex (
Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 13:06:05 MDT

--- "Blunderov" <> wrote:
> Wed 2002/08/14 05:57 PM wrote:
>> Jonathan Davis [] Wed 2002/08/14 02:40 AM
>> wrote: <snip> This forum is overrun with apologists for our street
>> dancing ululating Palestinian terror supporters and their ilk. <snap>
>> [Blunderov0]
>> <Quotes from Red Meat>
>> [Mailman0]
>> "You see, when you are crushing a man's windpipe with your knee, you
>> may be sure he will attempt to bite you" [Milkman Dan1] "Yes I've
>> noticed that."
>> Warm regards
>You see, when a man repeatedly kicks you in the gonads, you will hold
>him down any way you can manage to get him to stop.
>Yes I've noticed that.
>Warm regards

[athenonrex 1]
are you all still bitching and fighting aobut the 9/11 thing?
if so, i'll tell you exactly what i told my mother...

"get the fuck over it!"

{tauntingly, yet playful...}
my regards are warmer than yours,

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