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Screw all this, from a lurker what's been here for a year or two...

It's all about the bully meme (not all (gotta have perfect French here))...

Who's the bully? Saddam was the bully in Kuwait (where'd he learn it?).
Ain't Israel the bully on the Palestinians(where'd they learn it) - their
muscles are much bigger and they are slappin' folk around?

Who's the perceived world bully? Us? U.S.? (hey, we just got bigger guns)..

Why are the Chinese so quiet? Do they truly understand the bully meme (as
they wait for the rest of us to put ourselves out like cigarette butts?)?

Let's hear it from the columbine fray:
"If a kid is being picked on relentlessly, do you urge intervention or just
dismiss it as 'boys will be boys'?"

The bully meme is huge and is basic animal. Your kids don't behave, smack
'em upside the head so hard, you draw sparks...

Btw, I am pressing the send key and scurrying off into the corner like a
common cockroach...

Walt, you are a stud ...

Columbine sucks! Child molesters suck! That dick in high school that pulled
your gym shorts down sucks! It's all high school math so stop bickering...


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[Joe Dees 1] No US president want to be the one to stand in front of a
nuclear bomb crater where a US city used to be and try to explain why, after
9/11, a fully prewarned administration took no action to forfend such a
massive threat.

[Hermit 2] Which is why we should nuke Israel, Korea, China, France, the CIS
and the UK immediately?

[Joe Dees 3] Unlike Saddam, they have not made the nuclear threats (or
promises) that Saddam has made, nor have they used such weapons in the past
against their own people and their neighbors. But you know that, and
persist in putting forth exceedingly bad yet useful (for your propagandistic
purposes) inflammatory analogies. It is one of your least endearing traits.

[Hermit 4] I suspect that there are a number of weaknesses in the above (and
I left Pakistan and India off the list). Let me ask you a few questions to
determine whether or not this is the case.[list]?
1) Does Iraq have a nuclear capability?
2) Does Iraq have a delivery mechanism?
3) Has Iraq possessed nuclear weapons to deliver on anybody?
4) Has Iraq used nuclear weapons?
5) Has any country except the US used nuclear weapons?
6) If the US did not particularly object to Iraq deploying chemical weapons
that the US supplied and/or facilitated Iraq acquiring, and continued to
deal with Iraq after she had deployed them on her neighbors, when Iraq was
regarded as an ally, why should the US object to Iraq having them now if
Iraq still has them?
7) How has it been shown that Saddam Hussein's interests are not purely
8) Why does the US regard Saddam Hussein as a threat, when his neighbors
regard him as a non-threat - or at worst as a lesser threat than either
Israel or the US or regional destabilization?
9) What evidence is there that Saddam Hussein poses a threat to the US or US
interests if the US does not attack Saddam Hussein first?
10) The countries most likely to use their nuclear warheads in a first
strike attack are, in order (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists): US, India,
Korea, Israel, Pakistan, China, France, CIS, UK. Where in this list would
you put Iraq if Iraq had access to nuclear materials?
11) What evidence do you have that Iraq has any WMDs?
12) What evidence do you have that Iraq supports terrorism?
13) If evil is measured in lives cost, how would you rate the lives taken by
Saddam in comparison to the 1 to 2 million Iraqi deaths allegedly caused by
the US?
14) Given that the US has already allegedly been responsible for 1 to 2
million Iraqi deaths, how many American lives would be a fair exchange?
15) What amount of damage avoidance justifies the minimum direct cost of $
140 billion (and indirectly is likely to cost much more in terms of
disruption of oil supplies and loss of global trade) that a war with Iraq is
likely to impose?
16) How many years do you think it is going to take to pay for the over
budget expenditure to date on military/security as a consequence of 911?
17) How long do you think the US will thrive as a nation if she continues to
expend sums greatly in excess of her income on attempting to preempt every
possible imaginable threat?
18) How much more military/security expenditure do you think is required to
tip the World (not just the US) from a recession into a depression?
19) How much longer do you think that troops are going to be required in
areas where the US has already intervened?
20) What do you think the monthly budget for these troops runs at?
21) Do you think that the world will be made safer or riskier by the US
attacking Iraq?
22) Do you think that the world is a better or worse place now that the US
has become a rogue state, where a rogue state is defined as one which shows
a pattern of behavior of disregarding/breaking/ignoring laws and treaties?
23) Do you think that the world is a better or worse place now that other
nations are doing the same using the same reasons that the US has done?
24) What evidence do you have that the world will be a better safer place
after destroying Iraq some more?

And by the way, despite what you seem to think, propaganda is not an insult

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