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Date: Sat Aug 10 2002 - 19:37:57 MDT

> [Hermit]
> Whatever happened to International Law and the right to be treated as
> innocent until found guilty. <snip>
> [Joe Dees]
> I make it abundantly (and redundantly) clear that only fools would
> commit suicide by allowing these extremist fanatical zealot outlaw
> rogues to murder them unmolested. For any legitimate soldier, an
> armed person inside a battle zone is ipso facto a combatant; all one
> then needs to ascertain is on which side. Al Quaeda terrorists and
> others of their <snip>
> [rhinoceros]
> Let me state it in layman terms. Who says that these people who are
> now held in the Guantanamo "base" have ever been in Afghanistan? The
> newspapers? Colonel Whatshisname? Did we need thousand years of
> civilization to have that?

[Joe Dees]
Oh, Puh-LEEEZE! Most of them were captured in Afghanistan by our
own forces. Of those captured in Afghanistan, a few are Taliban (and
thus mostly Pashtun, with a couple of Uzbeks tossed in), and the rest
are Al Quaeda (these are mostly Saudi, with Egyptian being the second
most common, and Yemenis the third). And some few were Al Quaeda
terror cell members captured in other countries and turned over to us by
those countries. We do not transfer rank and file to these camps; only
the real hardline dead-enders, and those whom we have reason to
believe are higher-ups (such as Abu Zubaydev) are sent to Gitmo. We
have captured many Al Quaeda files, complete with names and
pictures, can check fingerprints against national databases, and check
prisoner ID's and do investigations of their personal histories.

Waitaminute. Do you suggest that courts of law are superfluous and executive investigators are all we need?

Also, now that they have these people in custody, why don't the want to take them to court?

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