Re: virus: Dear Hermit: You Constitutionally Can\'t Admit When You Lose

From: rhinoceros (
Date: Sat Aug 10 2002 - 19:25:24 MDT

[rhinoceros 3]
Now, although those Israeli soldiers selling ammunitions to the enemy are not exactly collaborators -- they are rather at police-report level -- it is natural that they would be hated by the people. May I suggest that the fact that their actions are considered illegal by the authorities, and they are arrested at once when discovered, helps a little bit to calm down the people?

[Joe Dees 4]
It also prevents them from obtaining more weapons for and selling more weapons to Tanzim. I have to consider this, the obvious reason to arrest them, to also be the most likely.

[rhinoceros 5]
Then, my next question follows naturally. May I suggest that, if being a Palestinian collaboratior was considered illegal in itself by the authorities, and allowed immediate arrest, that would help apeace the people and make them less susceptible to the influence of the paramilitary groups.

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