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Date: Sat Jul 27 2002 - 15:09:26 MDT

...this has always been true. and when considering punishments, we must
always consider the innocents within our prison system...oh, they ARE there!
  and im sure a few child rape cases to boot...angry ex-wife...brainwashing
little jonny to point and agree.....etc. there is nothing more disturbing
than the thought of a totally innocent man sitting in prison for years
waiting for his execution - talk about angst!


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> I bring up the presently actually guilty (via DNA and other evidence),
> and you counter with the innocent, as Hermit counters with the possibly
> future transgressors.

I didn't "counter" with anything, my question was an honest one.

Do you disagree with my stated assumption that any conceivable practical
justice system will necessarily make some errors and convict the innocent?
If so, on what grounds?

"Courage...and shuffle the cards".

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