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From: Hermit (
Date: Sat Jul 27 2002 - 15:25:34 MDT

Have you heard of "framing"? It is easy.

Cop decides suspect probably is the perp, and even if not, deserves what is coming... Cop plants evidence.


Naturally, the same goes for a premeditated criminal act. To confuse the trail, the perp simply spreads around a little "incontestable" DNA evidence from multiple sources.

Bang again.

Naturally, Joe, scientifically literate (but criminal enforcement neophyte), foreman of the jury, finds the first perp "guilty" - and the second "not guilty" - or indeed, finds somebody, not the perp, guilty.

First and third are executed, second walks..

Joe sleeps well at nights, and continues to argue for the infallibility of DNA testing. So simple, so scientific, so accurate, so objective.

Yet is still takes subjective analysis to determine whether the objective evidence is really applicable.


Straw Murdering Hermit

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