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From: rhinoceros (
Date: Sat Sep 14 2002 - 18:18:49 MDT

...i dont want any part of this current world flame war thats going on or
people trying to take sides and draw lines and so forth. this is the
stupidest conflict ive ever seen! fine, so most of us are prideful enough
to fearlessly defend our points with great capacity - but this has gone
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY beyond being productive. until the excessive anger,
emotion, line-drawing and hate-filled commentaries become the lesser part of
the daily posts, im just going to hibernate for a guys go ahead
and burn the house down around you, im going to have to start erasing about
80% of the posts just to get some proverbial shuteye and positive vibes
back. the CoV is in the Sebby...and i shall protect it's integrity from
this current maelstrom of scarring rhetoric. give me a shake when everyone
is ready and able to handle it again. the meantime; what is the news on expansion of the CoV? David? what
about our regional ideas? should we start actively seeking new members till
we have little groups in all major areas? thoughts please.


I think nothing is going to happen as long as the relation between geopolitics and rationality is what it is now. As kharin put it:;action=display;threadid=26396;start=15

"The other day I was about to recommend virus to someone who was interested in a discussion forum friendly to libertarian atheists. Then I stopped and realised that with Virus in its present condition I am not able to commend it to anyone. The current volume of recycled material on this list is excessive and is not achieving anything; if we cannot reach consensus agreement on Iraq (and clearly we cannot) we should desist from obsessively pawing the same ground. This is not supposed to be a middle-east politics list."

I admit that is true for me too. Can I go to a friend and say "Hey, take a look here, it's about a religion of rationality"? Not likely. It seems that CoV expansion will have to wait.

Now, what can we do. I sense that the current consensus is "Let the memes do their thing", "Wait it out", "If I say I want it to be like this or like that it will look as if I am taking sides" etc. But I suspect that things won't settle any time soon, not while the war has not even started. In the meantime, the CoV will continue to operate out of specs.

I suggested that, no matter how important geopolitics are, we should put all geopolitics in a separate slot and a separate mail list, so that only people who are interested stay subscribed.;action=display;threadid=26550;start=15

Of course, no big stir happened. Although I believe that people should speak and say what they want -- not what they think that the others want -- it seems that sometimes we prefer to choose from what is available, rather than make things as we want them to be.

So, the only thing I can say is this: If anyone feels annoyed, it is not because of any meteorological phenomenon. It is because of particular human actions.

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