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12. Newsbrief: Noelle Bush in Trouble Again

Noelle Bush, the 25-year-old daughter of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and niece of President George W. Bush, was found with crack cocaine while staying at a drug rehab center where she was attempting to avoid jail time over a January incident in which she tried to obtain the prescription tranquilizer Xanax with a forged prescription.

Police were called to the Center for Drug Free Living in Orlando after staff members found a "white, rocklike substance" in her shoe, the Associated Press reported. The 0.2 gram rock tested positive for cocaine, but although possession of any amount of cocaine is a felony in Florida, young Bush was not arrested. According to the AP, staff members at the center refused to cooperate with police, saying they wished to handle the matter in house. Police said an investigation is continuing, but had not yet gotten around to actually interviewing the only suspect, Noelle Bush.

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