Re: Re:virus: Eleven-year-old elven

Date: Sat Sep 07 2002 - 01:20:28 MDT

On 6 Sep 2002 at 20:33, Archibald Scatflinger wrote:

> [Elvensage]
> >
> > My opinion is of no higher value than yours, as yours is of no
> > higher
> value compared to mine. My opinion is just that, nothing more nothing
> less than an opinion. I do not hold my opinions to be absolute truth,
> or worth anything really. In fact, I want people to prove my opinions
> wrong most the time. If you can prove my opinions wrong, then you
> have not only proven to me that you're worth listening too, you might
> have also enlightened me in some way. Prove me wrong Mr. Dees. That
> is what I wish for. Prove to us, (Myself and the rest of the CoV)
> that your seniority over me makes me somehow inferior to your
> "superior intellect" and wisdom. That's obviously what you're trying
> to enforce into our minds by your post. I could be wrong about that
> though. Enlighten me Mr. Dees.
> [Archibald]
> I admire your ability to question mindless arrogance but in case you
> haven't noticed you are arguing with someone who refers to themself as
> "we". If this doesn't give you some clue as to the arrogance you are
> up against then... Besides he is an American. Born inherently
> superior.
Please show an example of this 'we' assertion. And as Nietszche
noted, humility in those of mediocre talents is merely honesty; in those
of great talent, it is hypocrisy. And he has not questioned true
mindlessness until he has interrogated you.
> Smile
> Archibald

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