Re: Re:virus: Eleven-year-old elven

From: Archibald Scatflinger (
Date: Sat Sep 07 2002 - 00:33:18 MDT


> My opinion is of no higher value than yours, as yours is of no higher
value compared to mine. My opinion is just that, nothing more nothing less
than an opinion. I do not hold my opinions to be absolute truth, or worth
anything really. In fact, I want people to prove my opinions wrong most the
time. If you can prove my opinions wrong, then you have not only proven to
me that you're worth listening too, you might have also enlightened me in
some way. Prove me wrong Mr. Dees. That is what I wish for. Prove to us,
(Myself and the rest of the CoV) that your seniority over me makes me
somehow inferior to your "superior intellect" and wisdom. That's obviously
what you're trying to enforce into our minds by your post. I could be wrong
about that though. Enlighten me Mr. Dees.

I admire your ability to question mindless arrogance but in case you haven't
noticed you are arguing with someone who refers to themself as "we".
If this doesn't give you some clue as to the arrogance you are up against
Besides he is an American. Born inherently superior.


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