RE: virus: Re:Reclaiming the commons? Necessary?

From: Kalkor (
Date: Mon Sep 02 2002 - 18:17:45 MDT

Yes, apathy is a virian sin. I have very little time to read and post in
here, but I will do so right now to point out something Joe seems to have

As soon as one party in the debate whips out an ad hominem, is it not then
permissible for the other party to follow suit? I recall this being
mentioned as a "rule of debate" at one time or another in here.

All you have to do is debate the issue right here; I'm waiting...but I ain't
holding my breath - just my nose. Ad hominem attacking me rather
than/instead of debating me is akin to shooting the summons-server so
one won't have to receive and answer the summons. It just digs you in

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