Re: virus: Re:Reclaiming the commons? Necessary?

From: Dr Sebby (
Date: Wed Sep 04 2002 - 01:15:18 MDT

...i am in complete agreement with duchess michelle here. some of joe's
stuff is interesting, but then i could sit there and do internet searches
all day long trying to find quality articles on such what i
prefer is to read concise excerpts from JOE's mind, not generic cross posts
- it makes for tiresome wading and in the end just defensive
deleting...which joe does not deserve.


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From: "michelle" <>
Subject: virus: Re:Reclaiming the commons? Necessary?
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 10:57:12 -0600

I'd like to vote, but all the choices are biased against Joe... I have
nothing against Joe, I just wish he'd exercise self-restraint re: cutting &
pasting, replying to emails with their full text for just one or two lines
of new thought, and the concept of staying on one subject heading so it's
easier to save/move/read/ignore everything relating to this middle east

I really believe that an IRC debate with logs available - or even sent to
the list as one document! - is a great way for Joe & Hermit to get their
once and for all out of the way.

I love reading the list, and I can wade through this till it's over, just
like this time last year (until what? well into December?). But a debate
on IRC would be both entertaining and more pointed, as hopefully the
debators would rely more on their own thoughts - and perhaps they would be
limited by time to succinct points, rather than multiple volumes hurled back
and forth. I would greatly look forward to reading the log of such a
debate! Please reconsider, Joe! Really, though all are interested in your
POV, this many people saying your choice of forum is a problem would
indicate that, if only out of politeness, you consider moving (even
temporarily, not exclusively) to another, perhaps more appropriate, medium.

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