Re:virus: Should forgiveness be a Virion virtue?

From: rhinoceros (
Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 19:03:00 MDT

[rhinoceros 1]
Posible cases of forgiving without forgetting:

-- Someone harms you unintentionally. You think "I could have done that too".

[Nugle 2]
Then there is nothing to forgive

[rhinoceros 3]
Not so sure. I know people who would want to kick my ass if I poured coffee onto ther clothes by accident. Others might say "Never mind, I could have done that too".

[rhinoceros 1]
-- Someone harms you intentionally without comprehending the consequences because he is stupid or uninformed.

[Nurgle 2]
Then there is nothing to forgive, because ignorance should be pitied.

[rhinoceros 3]
I took that back for a different reason. Stupidity and ignorance are omnipresent (even in every one of us). That makes my statement a very complex one -- not a single case -- and it does not fit into a single category. Hints: "Dubya", "mariner", "ludite", "gambler", you get the idea.

Re Michelle's comment, in practice, not forgiving does not always mean hating. It may also mean being cautious, ignoring, or something else. It dependes on the person, but it also depends on the particular problem you are facing.

[rhinoceros 1]
-- Your child harms you intentionally, but you have to put up with this because the responsibility to try to change thing is yours.

[Nurgle 2]
Then there is nothing to forgive, because you brought it on yourself.

[rhinoceros 3]
You cannot mold your children as you like, even if you knew what is good for them (and for you).

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