Re: virus: Compulsory Military Service

Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 22:01:42 MDT

> [Joe Dees]..such as getting their children to blow
> themselves up in crowds of Israeli kids,
> [Mermaid]Children? You mean to say that Arab children are sent to blow
> up crowds of Israeli kids by their own parents? Where exactly did you
> read this? Can I see?
[Joe] There has been testimony from Palestinian parents of successful
suicide bombers who stated that they were proud of their dead little
assassin progeny and that they hoped that some of their siblings would
join them.

[Jake] Oh!! I see. So we aren't really talking about children, except in
the figurative sense in that we are all children of our parents. That was
far from clear in your initial depiction, but then without children, you
can't bang your rhetorical drum as loudly. Really, Joe, you should just skip
all these pretenses of rational debate. Just cut the crap and say what you
mean, that everyone who disagrees with you on Isreal/Palestine is simply a
Jew-hating child killer. You've already slipped down to this level several
times today in your rapid fire two minute response-turn-around. Why continue


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