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From: Mermaid . (
Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 21:21:40 MDT

[Joe Dees]Your figures are correct and mine were a guess, yet it is
nevertheless abundantly clear using your figures that the Israeli Jews are
vastly outniumbered in the region.

[Mermaid]You think? Israeli Jews are outnumbered by Russian immigrants? The
Arabs are a sliver of 1+change million. Thats all my figures... i.e.about
Israeli population... show.

[Joe Dees]A country will do anything to survive;

[Mermaid]And surely, this doesnt apply only to Israel.

[Joe Dees] appears that Israel's enemies are willing to do anything to
kill it,

[Mermaid]and Israelis are ready to do anything...such as bringing 'jews'
from Peru and 'jews' from tribal India to squat in the '
them financial aid(not unlike Saddam giving money to the family of the
deceased suicide bombers, one might say)and making them willing targets to
steal more land that doesnt belong to them in the first place.

[Joe Dees]..such as getting their children to blow
themselves up in crowds of Israeli kids,

[Mermaid]Children? You mean to say that Arab children are sent to blow up
crowds of Israeli kids by their own parents? Where exactly did you read
this? Can I see?

[Joe Dees]..praising them when packs of them stone Israelis,

[Mermaid]Settlers stone Arabs too.

[Joe Dees]...kill anyone they suspect might be a collaborator,

[Mermaid]Well..that's just plain wrong. They must send these suspected
collaborators back to Israel. They deserve to be Israeli citizens.

[Joe Dees]..invade homes with AK-47's and murder all the men, women and
children within.

[Mermaid]So does the IDF, Israeli military and the settlers. It seems they
are the same. One might wonder why you would like to support Israel instead?
Because Sept 11 was carried out by 'moslems' Palestinians should be

[Mermaid]You are very hurt, Joe. Nobody hugged you or comforted you after
Sept 11. I dont think anyone sat you down and heard you out. I refuse to
accept that you are a terrible human being. Please seek help.

[Joe Dees]Dimona is there. You can't flush that reality away.

[Mermaid]I only flused your assumptions about anti-semites in our midst just
because some of us do not support and applaud Israel's atrocities.

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