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Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 12:20:42 MDT

Hey Andy,

Did you follow the link? From my reading of the article it would seem that Blair would be a fool to attempt to follow Bush's lead considering the following quotes from the article I posted:

"Menzies Campbell, foreign affairs spokesman for the opposition Liberal Democrat Party, said Rice's arguments for removal of Saddam did not stand up under international law.

'In international affairs it is not enough to claim a moral authority in cases where the United Nations has been involved,' he said.

'There will be no world order if the most powerful states are entitled to remove other governments at will. There is no doctrine of international law which justifies regime change.'

Gerald Kaufman, a lawmaker from the governing Labor Party, said in an article published today in the Spectator magazine that there was broad opposition in Parliament to a strike against Iraq.

'(Prime Minister) Tony Blair would find it difficult to support and participate in a war against Iraq whose majority in the House of Commons was provided by the (opposition) Conservatives,' Kaufman said."


"A poll published Monday in The Daily Telegraph found that 28 percent of Britons thought that the United States would be justified in attacking Iraq, while 58 percent disagreed. If the United States does strike, only 19 percent thought that Britain should join in the military action."

Both quotes originating from the LA Times article located at this link:

To our UK friends:

Perhaps I'm naive. But, if I were Blair I'd want to retain my post as Prime Minister, rather than go off on a lark with the Shrub. But, perhaps I'm too eager to credit Blair for a level of integrity and intelligence that Shrub doesn't have. Tell me, am I wrong to think that Blair would do as his constituents wished? Or, would he buddy up with Shrub and go off to battle without the support of his constituents? I read a few publications from the UK, but perhaps, I'm not seeing the "picture".

Fond regards,

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