Re: Re:virus: Combined post to Casey and Jonathan Davis.

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Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 12:09:20 MDT

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> Jonathan Davis [] Thu 2002/08/15 05:13 PM
> wrote:
> <q> Self-defense is to be expected, it is not always right.
> It is not always wrong to be an aggressor. </q>
> [Blunderov]
> Thank you for your reply. I notice that we are talking about "right and
> wrong". I expect we will need to be careful about whether we mean that
> legally or morally.
> Would you care to elaborate on what particular circumstances justify
> aggression and why?

Law enforcement for one. Legitimate self-defence is another.

> (I am also curious about what circumstances would render self-defence
> "wrong". Or do they go together?)

Again, it has to do with circumstances. A paedophile defending himself from
a legitimate police squad trying to stop him raping a child is "wrong".

You might have gathered that the acts are not informed in and of themselves.



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