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Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 06:25:33 MDT

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> Jonathan Davis [] Thu 2002/08/15 11:25 AM
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> Oh look, a leap of logic that has carried the leaper into the abyss of
> absurdity. : )
> <snap>
> [Blunderov]
> L 'Ermit, at least, has enough wit

To be rational in bursts, usually on topics that do not make him exited.
But it is just enough mind - not abundant by any measure. { Hermit old boy,
you know I am only goading you ]

> to notice the implications of what
> has been said before he leaps into a printed response.

I know. I am a bad bad boy for not agreeing with you guys. I am trying
really hard, but you are making it very hard for me.

>To whit; that
> bullet you're holding - were you considering biting it?

I am neither holding a bullet nor do I need to bite any.

>The doublethink is clear for all to see.

Jeeze. Just when I was thinking I left people who said thing like this on

>The United States of Israel (She Who Must be
> Obeyed) comes first. The rest can just suck on the hind tit and like it.
> Or not.

I think anger might make you silly. It is best to clam down before posting.

> By their fruits ye shall know them.

Don't judge a moth by its candle.



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