RE: Re:virus: Combined post to Casey and Jonathan Davis.

From: Blunderov (
Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 05:17:37 MDT

Jonathan Davis [] Thu 2002/08/15 11:25 AM
Oh look, a leap of logic that has carried the leaper into the abyss of
absurdity. : )

L 'Ermit, at least, has enough wit to notice the implications of what
has been said before he leaps into a printed response. To whit; that
bullet you're holding - were you considering biting it? The doublethink
is clear for all to see. The United States of Israel (She Who Must be
Obeyed) comes first. The rest can just suck on the hind tit and like it.
Or not.

By their fruits ye shall know them.

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