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From: rhinoceros (
Date: Tue Aug 13 2002 - 20:45:08 MDT

This, however, is open to confusion like a recent Guardian article link about Amos Oz where the substance of the article was entirely ignored and stray comments were quoted without context.(link posted by Jonathan Davis and substance noted by rhinocerous)

Thanks for the "substance" comment. Of course, the substance can be somewhere else for another person. I mean Jonathan posted another part, so he obviously saw something there.

The article you forwarded was very interesting. The activity of this particular group is very well documented, so nitpicking looks like an inelegant approach. Could it be that military intelligence is not an oxymoron any more?

It is interesting to see how even a small and efficient group can exploit the convenience of lazy journalists and cheapskate publishers in order to promote an agenda. If a lot of interest groups catch on, things may become weird.

I believe that in the short term reported news can be filtered by a person's point of view and some of them examined with suspision, but in the long term they cause a change to that point of view. In other words, I believe that brainwashing works with smart people too.

Maybe we should collect some background material on opinion forming here, even from "intelligence" sources.

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