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Date: Tue Aug 13 2002 - 19:09:34 MDT

On 13 Aug 2002 at 17:38, Hermit wrote:

> [Joe Dees] Bulldozing the houses of the families of the suicide
> bombers who get 50 grand per from Saddan Hussein is one way to temper
> the benefit with some cost. If a bomb factory is inhabiting a section
> of that apartment block, a helcopter-launched missile is a good way to
> get rid of it without endangering Israeli soldiers' lives.
> [Hermit] But the suicide bombings are a direct result of Israeli
> actions against the Palestinians.
Actually, they are a direct result of Israel's existence and position.
> [Hermit] Which means that you are attempting to justify "bulldozing"
> and "helcopter-launched missiles" (actually if we are talking about
> the last one it was launched by an F16) because Sharon decided to
> instigate Palestinian violence in order to get himself elected...
> [Hermit] Something "shurely" wrong with this (ill) logic?
The temple mount debacle did indeed bring matters to an intifadeh head;
that having been said, I still can understand why Israeli citizens would vote
fro someone who promised not to mollycoddle suicide bombers. Arafat
smiles upon Palestinian violence every day to maintain his position; if we
could dump not one, but both of these two, peace might have a better
chance in the region.
> [Joe Dees] Saddam's ongoing effots to obtain nuclear weapons he has
> already shown the prerequisite insanity to use.
> [Hermit] Evidence please
He has promised to do so, specifically in reference to Israel; in addition he
has used chemical weapons on both other countries and on minorities in
his own. Not the kinda guy who can be trusted with nuclear bullets in his
> [Joe Dees] And technically, the US has the right to enforce the UN
> inspection mandate which Saddam continues to flout.
> [Hermit] Evidence? After all, that is not the reason dubya is giving
> for wanting a war. And that is not what the other members of the UN
> are saying about the resolution in question...
But technically, we could employ the armed forces to force the return of the
inspectors; it would be an excellent cover for ridding the planet of this
dangerously deranged dictator.
> Hermit
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