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Date: Tue Aug 13 2002 - 09:43:28 MDT

[Jonathan Davis]Thanks for the article, but a healthy "fuck you" for the sly
dig below :)

[Mermaid]awww..Uncle Johnny wants to play...:)

[Jonathan Davis]]You have no idea how I keep myself informed.

[Mermaid]Do tell us. I, for one, will be most interested.

[Jonathan Davis]I do not 'pick up my views'.

[Jonathan Davis]You are suggesting that Joe and I uncritically absorb the
opinions of the organs we read (selected from a poisoned platter),
suggesting in the process that we are idiots incapable of balanced and
rational thinking who quasi-mindlessly push propaganda.

[Mermaid]Yes. Exactly that except for one small point. I do not..I repeat..I
DO NOT think of you or Joe Dees as idiots incapable of balanced and rational
thinking. However, I do believe that given the right exposure to all sides
of this issue, you will be able to see many more things that you might have
missed in this current situation.

[Jonathan Davis]This is of course defamatory and designed to discredit us so
as to avoid having to deal with our arguments. An old but effective

[Mermaid]Absolutely not! It is an appeal to caution and to consider the
sources before you believe them.

[Mermaid]Tell me, Jonathan Davis. How can I gain your attention and hope
that you'd see the things that are visible from where I stand if I utter
defamatory comments about your abilities? Does it seem logical at all? If it
seemed that way, I hope you'll accept my word that I wouldnt want to do
something like that. Obviously, I lose the battle and I will lose your
willingness to listen to my pov. (This exchange proves exactly that since we
havent spoken anything about MEMRI's questionable motives)

[Jonathan Davis]As a fellow on this forum I expect better of you.

[Mermaid]We are what we are, Jonathan Davis..:) Personality does not change
with subscription. And it doesnt have to...Regards to you too. I hope we can
discuss the article on MEMRI.

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