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From: Mermaid . (
Date: Tue Aug 13 2002 - 09:32:30 MDT

[Casey]However, should this article not have been sent to the email list?
It is after all not written for the CoV.

[Mermaid]Hi Casey. I dont know what is 'CoV material' and what is not...The
Middle East issue has been discussed in the list. Hence I send it here.

[Casey]It essentially is a forwarded article to the list---largely snipped
and prefaced with 2 paragraphs of dialogue.
True, or not? Shouldn't this post go into the "Free for all" section of
the CoV BBS?

[Mermaid]If it is meant to be posted in the 'Free for all' section, I would
have nothing to post to the CoV. It would be a loss to opt out of CoV, but
that will be my only option. After being banned in CoV chat forum for
posting a comment to another member, Kalkor, I havent received an apology or
an invitation to return or a promise that a similar situation will not arise
again from the person who banned me.(Hermit) Having been censored and my
posts deleted from the CoV BBS by the Moderator(Hermit) earlier, I see no
reason to post in the BBS unless I know for certain and have a promise
delivered to me that I will not be censored in any form or manner. I realise
that the CoV is a congregation and not a democracy. I am here for the few
gems that sparkle amidst the common sense(literally). Thanks for playing,
Casey..:) Now you know.

[Casey]If we are to maintain a sense of structure here in the CoV regarding
article posts, then it should follow that
everyone is affected by the same structure. Yea? Nay?

[Mermaid]Sure. Why not? However, I would expect a clear set of guidelines
about what is to be posted here and what shouldnt be posted here. In this
case, it has history. Odd. Dont you think it has relevance to the Middle
East discussion? I thought it did. I have willingly distanced myself from
very many topics of discussion because of the above mentioned discord. That
is all I have to say.

[Mermaid]How is your day, Casey? Are you enjoying yourself?..:)

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