Re: virus: Attention Joe Bigot

From: Archibald Scatflinger (
Date: Mon Aug 12 2002 - 02:36:31 MDT

> [Hermit] Perhaps Mr Dees, because I actually think that the things the US
claims to stand for, are essentially good and necessary things, even if the
current administration (and too many deluded American bigots) seem not to
care to implement them. One of the reasons that early American society
worked and was self-correcting was because people dared to stand up and say
what they thought was wrong. Today, too many people like yourself seem to
not even notice when we don't, look on our hypocricy approvingly and as you
so uncharmingly demonstrate, strongly resent attempts to say that it appears
that we are causing harm and acting in contrast to our stated aims.

[Elf] Don't worry Hermit, you can't fool all the people any of the time.
History classes in American high schools do teach the fundamentals that made
this a great country and they also teach of corruption that power brings.

> [Hermit] Fortunately I don't think that this is impossible. Vast numbers
of kids can see (and too many have experienced) how fucked up this society
really is. My hope is that despite the McCarthyite ravings of those such as
yourself, that we will see a second resurgence of good sense even if only in
reaction to the current extremism. With some luck there may be time to
recover before we become irrelevant.

Many of the youth coming of age today, thanks in part to their years long
addiction to electronic drugs (video games), are learning at rates undreamed
of in previous generations and they will dedicate a huge amount of effort to
eradicating stupidity and greed in intelligent and extremely creative ways.

"The youth of America on LSD"


P.S. The game is more fun when you remember that its just a game.

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