virus: Attention Joe Bigot

From: Hermit (
Date: Sun Aug 11 2002 - 01:05:42 MDT

[Joe Dees] Yeah, you keep mightily falling to your favored fallback positionof last resort; your politically stacked BBS, that ALWAYS has your replies to other people, and NEVER has their replies to you, because they don't consider your shameful shenanigans worth indulging in, while you are fixatedly committed enough to your agenda to work to skew an entire fixed post to reflect it. I can clearly see why Bill Roh shot you the bulbous bird and resigned. If you wanted your own antiamerican fiefdon, why didn't you attempt to establish your own, instead of singlemindedly attempting to parasiticallly subvert an other wise fine and diversified list?

[Hermit] Perhaps Mr Dees, because I actually think that the things the US claims to stand for, are essentially good and necessary things, even if the current administration (and too many deluded American bigots) seem not to care to implement them. One of the reasons that early American society worked and was self-correcting was because people dared to stand up and say what they thought was wrong. Today, too many people like yourself seem to not even notice when we don't, look on our hypocricy approvingly and as you so uncharmingly demonstrate, strongly resent attempts to say that it appears that we are causing harm and acting in contrast to our stated aims. No society lasts for ever, but in my opinion, America seems to want to go down in flames and take everyone else with her.

[Hermit] I happen to think that if America manages to recover, and if it has not previously destroyed the rest of the world and herself in her misguided flailing, that she could still be a very powerful force for good on a planet that desperately needs it, instead of inspiring terror in her own citizens and in everyone else.

[Hermit] Fortunately I don't think that this is impossible. Vast numbers of kids can see (and too many have experienced) how fucked up this society really is. My hope is that despite the McCarthyite ravings of those such as yourself, that we will see a second resurgence of good sense even if only in reaction to the current extremism. With some luck there may be time to recover before we become irrelevant.

[Hermit] Please note that the CoV is transitioning to the BBS, having tripled our membership since it was announced. In the long term the list will transition there permanently. I suggest that you learn to use it. Finally, If anyone organization has inspired me to think that a correction is possible, and that there are people who can see beyond the end of their noses, it is the CoV. Its given me some hope for mankind. Hopefully, in the Virian tradition, I am returning something worthwhile to it.

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