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From: kharin (
Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 12:44:15 MDT

"Refusing to sign such accords is a different matter from violating signed ones, now isn't it?"

Conceded, although I would view them as related issues.

"I'm keeping my fingers crossed. "

As am I. But I fear that these are precisely the moments that leave me most sceptical (one also needs to recall the issue of Cyprus still being present). In the event that matters do not proceed on course it would certainly be a tragedy.

"They finally, after having it continuously disparagingly referred to by the global community, voted to remove that passage from their official
charter, but speeches that PLA leaders subsequently made in Arabic to
Palestinian audiences made it clear that this was only a cosmetic
propaganda measure, and that the real, although unofficial, policy was
still Israel's total destruction."

Noted. Thank you. I must admit that this is one of the reasons why I suspect religion to be playing a prominent role in this conflict (though the extent of that, as I have just written seems difficult at best to determime); it requires a degree of fatalism (in this case the view that god will guide your forces to victory) to take the view that a state as well defended as Israel could be defeated by those means.

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