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From: Hermit (
Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 12:52:28 MDT

Nobody else has supplied the Chechens with anything except cold comfort and unreasoning hatred in just about equal proportions. That being so, who else could the Chechens turn to? The downside is, that this makes it almost certain that al Qu'aeda cadres will receive sanctuary and a highly honored place in most of the Southern ex Soviet Republics. Well out of the reach of the US - and Putin & Co. And of course, as you pointed out last night, nobody would be so stupid as to launch an attack on any member of the CIS. After all, they are nuclear armed.

Or might we be?


PS Did you notice:
And unless somebody rewrote the UN resolutions while the world slept, "Regime change" is not a reason to attack another country.

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