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Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 11:34:29 MDT

Why not keep the Chechens out of it Joe. I strongly suspect that you know about as much about Chechnya as you do about South Africa, i.e. not much if anything. Despite my having posted extensively on this topic before.

Interestingly Chechnya reminds me a lot of South Africa - and of Israel - both of whom remind me a lot of the KGB. Which in turn remind me of the CIA. Largely because, having stared too long into the methodologies of these organizations, both Israel and South Africa learnt rather a lot about the "black ops" floating in the depths of their maws. Israel and South Africa both used some of these techniques - including "false flag operations" designed to instigate public horror and international sympathy (a perennial favorite of both CIA and KGB), against their own countrymen and others.

Question 1: Now which international leader can you think of who might have stared to long into this particular hole? Which major international leader is repeatedly accused - by very senior ex-KGB officers - backed by a wealth of corroboration - of having engaged in precisely such operations just prior to the elections which swept him from being a nobody into power? Right.

Question 2: Now which nation is second only to Iraq in terms of munitions expended on it? In terms of crimes against humanity perpetrated on it? In terms of continuous claims of engaging in and supporting terrorism, despite all visible evidence to the contrary? Right again.

Question 3: Which country has worked along with the CIS to prevent investigations into the allegations related to Chechnya - to such an extent that the UN's premier human rights group, HRW, wished to censure them publicly - and instead had to announce (April 2002) that their reports were being suppressed by members (named) accused of and involved in human rights violations.

Question 4: If the above is accurate, what do you think the quid pro quo would have been?


PS The Chechens are not particularly "civilized" people, and they are Muslims. But of all the former Soviet Republics, they are the only one to have achieved a measure of independence - and had it wrenched from them in a bloody 5 year long operation which shows no sign of abating or ending. Instead the reverse. The genocide label undoubtedly applies - and the world seems to care not a damn. So much for the US opposing bloody regimes.

PPS Possible answers: Answer 1: Mr Putin. Answer 2: Chechnya Answer 3: The US 4: Suggestions welcome.

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