Re:virus: Finding the Golden Mean Middle Way

From: Hermit (
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 00:25:10 MDT

I'm not sure I would rise to the occasion myself... a pity that Infek isn't still around - probably would have been more up his street.

But you remind me of another point. If an "objective perspective" results in Joe Dees' conclusions, then how come the Whitehouse now sees "Around the world, from western Europe to the far east, many see the United States as arrogant, hypocritical, self-absorbed, self-indulgent, and contemptuous of others." and "that Washington itself had done a lot to undermine America's standing by its rejection of international treaties on the environment, the international criminal court and the global arms race." Which is what, I think, I have been saying for quite a while to the apparent discomfort of our "objective" friend.

Yet now the Whitehouse considers that a marketing campoaign is required to change the opinion of the rest of the world - while not addressing the fundamental problems underlying that opinion. It seems that their thinking is as flawed as Joe Dees' appears to be. While this approach may well succeed, indeed appears to, with an populace, well conditioned by "quintessentially American" advertising, it is unlikely to work with those still in full possession of their faculties.

After all, no matter how well one markets a "shit-burger", the smell will continue to give them away to anybody who ignores the wrapping and remains "objective" or at least, prepared to apply their critical facilities, to what they swallow.



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