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Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 00:25:43 MDT

On 31 Jul 2002 at 22:40, Hermit wrote:

> [Joe Dees] Members of that organization have already vaporized thousands of our citizens in a skyscraper.
> [Joe Dees] The rest of them have pledged to kill as many of us as possible as long as they shall live.
> [Joe Dees] We know where some of them are, and that they are planning to launch further attacks against us. The land in which they are preparing is unwilling, or unable, to stop them.
> [Joe Dees] WE STOP THEM. It is what is NECESSARY to protect our citizens.
> [Hermit] I'm think I'm confused. Which "land" are you talking about?
None of the terrorists came from Aghanistan - or Iraq. They came from
Saudi Arabia and other US sponsored totalitarian regimes, via a number
of European countries - and Canada to the US. I don't recall the US
bombing any of those countries - although we did bomb a number of
Canadians. But I'm not sure which part of law you are arguing about here?
Fifteen of the nineteen were indeed Saudi, but the major funders and
planners were holed up in Afghanistan, which refused to relinquish them,
and had been for years. It is also from there that they sent word that they
planned to launch future attacks.
Iraq's claims to infamy are:
1) the production of chemical and biological weapons, some of which they used against
a neighbor (Iran) and some of which they used against an oppressed minority, the
Kurds, within their own borders.
2) their invasion and occupation of (and attempt to annex) Kuwait, a sovereign nation.
3) their plot to assassinate former president Bush during a visit he made to Saudi
Arabia, for which seventeen, I think, were beheaded.
4) Iraq's flauting of UN inspections and their expulsion of the inspectors.
5) their willingness to provide safe have to terrorists of all stripes, providing their targets
include Israel and the US.
The reason that Israel bombed iraq's nuclear facility is that Saddam hussein had made
clear his intention to use nukes built with the aid of that facility on Israel, which would
have provoked a response from the Israeli Dimona nuclear arsenal, and likely, in those
cold-war times, precipitating a wider war.
> [Hermit] What happens if a member of a Canadian English "Free Quebec from the
French" group, which had declared themselves prepared to sacrifice their lives against
the French (for dumping Frenchmen in Canada), happened to train with the "patriots"
on the West Coast, and then were to blow up the Eiffel Tower, killing thousands of
Parisians. Would such an action entitle the French to bomb the US, or Canada, or both,
if the Americans or Canadians couldn't track down other members of the group?
If the Canadians didn't try, or were outgunned (neither likely), and refused to allow the
French to help pursue the perpetrators, yes, the french would have the right to bomb
pinpointed locations of the "FQFTF" bases, and even send in troops to apprehend them,
but of course, the likelihood of 1) such a group committing such an act and 2) the
canadian government refusing to either apprehend them themselves or allow the french
to help them do so, is slightly less likely than the odds that there are dwarves fellating
unicorns beneath the mountains of the moon.
> Regards
> Hermit
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