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Date: Tue Jul 30 2002 - 17:31:42 MDT

On 30 Jul 2002 at 17:02, Hermit wrote:

> [Joe Dees] Go ahead and name those peoples and nations who are
opposed to our apprehension of Al Quaeda operatives. Then look at
their ruling religio-political ideology.
> [Hermit] Nobody I know objects to "aprehending" al Quaeda operatives.
They threaten peace everywhere and thus people everywhere,
those in Islamic nations. Not, perhaps as much as Dubya and the good
ol' USA, but that is a different issue. The only really significant
disagreement is how this "apprehension" is to be achieved. The word
itself should give you a clue. Sane people with experience in the field
(including myself) have said from the beginning that this requires
intelligence and police work - not smart bombs, dumb troops and
leadership. The debacle in Afghanistan and successes elsewhere
to me to prove that we were correct.
Actually, we have done well in Afghanistan - vastly better than you had
thought possible. And I'm quite sure that intelligence, diplomatic, law
enforcement, economic and political means are being employed as well
as military and paramilitary ones; this is bound to be more effective than
any either/or.
> Regards
> Hermit
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