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From: Walpurgis (
Date: Sun Jul 28 2002 - 17:46:22 MDT

Is the wrongful death of an innocent justified if two or more are saved?

Were people to know that an innocent could be tried and imprisoned or executed - for whatever reason - we would live in a more fearful society where justice became perceived as expediency. No trail would be trusted and the utilitarian benefits lost. This would be why:

"cold utiliarian equations are much better for developing policy than
emotional responses"

is probably not be the case.

How about putting them in cryonic suspension?

Sounds like the premise of a really bad sci-fi. Then again, if Stallone spend 1hr 30 mins blowing paedophile serial killers to pieces, you might be onto a hit.

Forever? Then why not just execute them?

Are you so willing to give your government the right of life and death over the citizenry (and yourself)? Should government have this ultimate power? Could it sterilise you too? Conscript you into its army? - these amount to similar ends (end/control of life) and all come from the same rationale.

When people raise objections to both execution and incarceration,
freedom and the subsequent murders that would facilitate seems to be
the only alternative available to them.

Surveillance is an alternative, as written in the seperate thread.


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