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From: Dr Sebby (
Date: Sat Jul 27 2002 - 19:42:20 MDT

...i absolutely agree. the only issues are the death penalty question or
torture. i dont think the state can endorse such things with the full
knowledge that some of the convicts will be totally innocent people. if the
evidence heavily implies guilt...take them off the streets, of course....but
that's it. if they are innocent, at least they will then have the chance to
prove it sometime down the road...behind bars, but still having a chance. i
also think that people convicted on witness accounts only or wispy, easily
faked evidence should have the opportunity to undergo lie-detector testing,
and/or a sodium pentathol session or some sililar 'truth serum'..just to see
if it matches up.


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Subject: Re: virus: OZ
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On 27 Jul 2002 at 23:09, Dr Sebby wrote:

> ...this has always been true. and when considering punishments, we must
> always consider the innocents within our prison system...oh, they ARE
> and im sure a few child rape cases to boot...angry
> little jonny to point and agree.....etc. there is nothing more
> than the thought of a totally innocent man sitting in prison for years
> waiting for his execution - talk about angst!
> drsebby.
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> > I bring up the presently actually guilty (via DNA and other evidence),
> > and you counter with the innocent, as Hermit counters with the
> > future transgressors.
> I didn't "counter" with anything, my question was an honest one.
> Do you disagree with my stated assumption that any conceivable practical
> justice system will necessarily make some errors and convict the
> If so, on what grounds?
No, but do you disagree with my statement that unless convicted
murderers are removed from civil society, that many more innocents
would die a their hands than would be accidentally executed under our
civil justice system?
> DrSebby.
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