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Date: Sat Jul 27 2002 - 05:20:45 MDT

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> > I have the first season of OZ on DVD, have you ever seen it?
> >
> > -Jake
> If it upsets you that much for someone who rapes and murders a five
> year old girl to have to take what he dished out on one count, then I'm
> in favor of just executing him and having him take what he dished out
> on the other count.
> [Jake] Yeah whatever. Lets televise it. Sell advertising. Make money. Get our dollar's worth for
> having housed them through all of those tedious appeals, and forcing us to pay for their lawyers
> and other such horseshit. Let's sell opportunities to watch them sodomize each other. Perhaps
> if you take a fancy to one, he will let you execute him personally as a pay per view event on the
> TV and the Internet. 10% liability-free to his heirs (this isn't Son of Sam bcz he isn't making
> money on his crime so much as he is on his own death). 20% to victims funds. 20% for your
> services, and 50% for the new homeland security department. I bet that would be a big hit in
> third world countries that also enjoy this kind of raw violent justice. If Osama is alive, I wonder if
> he would figure out a way to see it too, and whether or not he would approve of this use of
> modern western media? I think it would be cool if he ! actually paid to see it.
> [Jake] Hey while we are at it, I have this great new idea to solve the abortion debate. Let's
> simply legalize it up until the "fetus" turns about 18 years old. That way they get the right to life
> at the same time they get the right to vote. But I think they should get "gun safety" lessons at
> about 14.
> [Jake] Anyways, we are just full of these cheerful nazi ideas . . .
> lotsa love,
> -Jake
> P.S. . . . and Monica Lewinsky is a patriot!!!! You heard it here. Feel free to repeat at will.

Well, what exactly do YOU want to do with a fellow who rapes and kills
a five year old girl, realizing that 50% of sex offenders and 70% of
violent criminals repeat their actions? House the guy forever in
solitary? How many private condos would we have to build for all the
violent criminals in our country? And then couldn't they scream and
whine that such an isolation was cruel and unusual punishment
(especially the ones that would otherwise be DOING the prison raping)?
Ship him to Fantasy Island? Lobotomy could be considered partial
murder and castration might just piss him off...I got it...let's mollycoddle
him! Let's do nothing at all except to apologize for troubling the dude.
After all, it's society's fault; it MUST be, so they (that's WE) should have
to suffer the consequences of having their fuckups freely roam among
them. But let's make sure they retain their right to keep and bear arms,
ayy? After all, it's in the Constitution, and that document made no
exception for cold-blooded child rapist/murderers.

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