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Date: Sat Jul 27 2002 - 03:26:12 MDT

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> (was some other fucking thread, go figure it out!)
> [Sebby] know very well that walpurgis has no issue with the wrongness of the
> act; you know VERY well. so why did you try this line of attack out? he
> wasnt defending or supporting the accused...he was merely telling you that
> prison rape should not be something humorous or amusing to us on the
> outside. are you suggesting that we should sentence people to be forceably
> raped in the ass by untested and unprotected fellow inmates on a regular
> basis? do you know how many innocent people are convicted each year? do
> you know how many people are in prison for ridiculous reasons? least
> 1.3 million a year go in for drugs alone! and you think the prison rape
> thing is something to ignore? you are having a serious breakdown in your
> reasoning over this.
> the way...which would be worse...the 5yr old being raped and murdered
> or a 10yr old ugly girl? how about an 18 yr old? a 21 yr old? the best
> answer would probably be that an 18 yr old or a 21 yr old would be the more
> grevious crime, but i'd wager you'll vote for the 5 yr old just based on how
> many of your heart strings it pulls. this is not a sound platform for you
> to be making assessments from.
> drsebby.
> [Jake] Just when one day I think Sebby has gone over the edge, he comes back with something
> most obviously sensible. Look, Joe!!!!! See even if you think these people deserve that kind of
> hell, the fact of the matter remains that this horribly abused person is going to return to society,
> and do you think someone so poorly treated is MORE likely or LESS likely to harm again?
> Hmmmmmmmm? I mean somehow this sounds like a no-brainer to me. And even if we never
> intend to allow them back into society come hell, high water, and a thousand more liberal
> political regimes, We still happen to have signed on with a lot of international treaties that says
> this is a real naughty thing to wantonly let happen or even to encourage as has often happened
> in our penile institutions. So while you push the "let em get fucked up the ass" vindictive button
> loudly, it just doesn't register with me the way you intend it. If you are really wanting that kin! d of
> testosterone response, I can think of a lot of right wing, militia, gun nut, Christian Identity
> fuckwads to sing right along with that kind of choir and even try to outdo you. Be more efficient.
> Why waste your time dishing it out to this crowd cause it just doesn't play as well here. I mean I
> know that the current administration has found it fashionable to rip up hundreds of years of
> international law (read "world civilization") unilaterally, you can't seriously be agreeing with that
> kind of approach. I mean what the fuck is wrong with my country???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Not you, too, Joe?
> I have the first season of OZ on DVD, have you ever seen it?
> -Jake
If it upsets you that much for someone who rapes and murders a five
year old girl to have to take what he dished out on one count, then I'm
in favor of just executing him and having him take what he dished out
on the other count.

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