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Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 23:58:51 MDT

[Mermaid.] Let me give the gist of this thread.

Drink and drive, the drunken ass will be hauled away. Thats it. Period. End
of story!

Surprise! It's a law that actually makes sense. None of the voices from CoV
is responsible for anyone else's life . It will be in the permenant record.

[Jake] I have been watching this in the back of my mind for a while now, and
I have to say I come down a bit more on Mermaid's position on this. I DO
like Hermit's solution to the problem the best actually, but until something
like that can be implemented, as much as I dislike the broad sweep approach,
I do come down a bit more on public safety than the freedom to drink and
drive. That much said, depending on where you are in the country, as a
defendant you can be facing some rather puritanical juries, that think if you
drink at all you are probably deserving of some sort of public flogging. I
mean I actually live next to a DRY county, if you can imagine that, and the
Southern Baptist Church is as strong as ever in Texas. As Hermit said, it
really shouldn't matter why you are impaired, but for the people who will be
judging you it does matter. From my PoV, the truck drivers that push
themselves to the edge of sleep driving the big rigs are far more culpable
than the slightly impaired drunk person, not that I care for that either.
And the fact of the matter is that people do so many dangerously stupid
things completely sober, that if I had MY way, we'd be horsewhipping just
about every male under 25 (with a Virian exception of course ;-) and probably
half of the females too! But anyway, I digress. I suppose I should address
Sebby since he has sort of flung himself out there in such a personal way
with his bragging "confessional". I hope you really are as careful as you
portrayed yourself AFTER Andy Brice tried to jump your ass on the list. If
you go back and read yourself before then, you DO sort of portray yourself a
bit more recklessly with the "flat out drunk" language. I suspect however,
that was really more a bit of the verbal testosterone, than reality (though
we could always make an issue of that too if really want to start picking on
Sebby). But in any case, on a personal level, you really shouldn't be
playing games like that. Sure lot's of people can SURVIVE on DWI case in
their life, but believe me, it's a real pain in the ass even if you don't end
up being found guilty. Almost always problems with insurance and driving
licenses after that for several years. Of course if you just LIKE giving
money to lawyers, bondsmen, courts, the legal system, and all of its
parasites . . . .

. . . blah blah blah . . .

. . . and so forth. Any case Sebby, I love you man, and be careful. And
happy birthday, you SOB!!!!!!!!


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