Re:virus: The New Pledge of Allegiance

From: Bodie (
Date: Mon Jul 08 2002 - 19:50:40 MDT

On Mon, 8 Jul 2002, Onikan wrote:

> You're right Rafael, but there's more toAmerica than what's seen on
> CNN. It's a commonly shared belief that the American government is run
> by money. What isn't run by money? Did you know that the primary
> priority of the average member of Congress is to get re-elected? That's
> not bad. That's healthy! Why? Because the only way Congressmen and
> Congresswomen get re-elected is by doing good stuff for us. That means
> they need to get in the paper a lot and show us what they're doing for
> us. And if we agree with what they're doing then they get re-elected.

If your life is run by money then your a pretty pathetic person. I have
managed to survive well on very little money all my life, I've never
really had enough money to do much, but I manage to survive and have a
really fun time. I normally find that the people who don't have a lot of
money are always the most interesting to talk to because they are more
interested in making the most of their lives and not making the most

Your right that the only aim of any polititian is to get eleted or
re-elected, whatever country your in but I fail to see how you can call
that a good thing, it should be, but most of them waste most of the
governments money - OUR money on PR, it insane and wrong. They spend more
time worrying about doing things that will get them a quick fix and in the
media rather than worrying about whats actually right for the country.

Raphael was right when he said that it was a heroic group of rebels that
formed the USA and the constitution at it's heart is a very good document,
now there is another group of rebels that see high taxes and an unfair
system where all their hard work goes to feed an elite group of super rich
people who control the country and the world, I just hope they have as
much sucess

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