Re:virus: The New Pledge of Allegiance

From: Onikan (
Date: Mon Jul 08 2002 - 14:53:29 MDT

[quote from: Jake on 2002-07-06 at 16:18:19]
I pledge allegiance
to the flag
of the United States of America,
and to the republic
for which it stands,
one nation
under Canada,
with Liberty and Justice for all.

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I didn't understand why you put the word "Canada" in place of "God" because I was taking it seriously. Now I understand that you were making a joke! Ha ha! The United States of America is under Canada! Still Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America are all considered to compose North America. I don't see why we shouldn't remove the borders between Canada and America. Perhaps, we shouldn't because we need to find better ways to control crime since we can't rid ourselves of criminal activity.

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