RE: virus: General Rejoicing - Part I

From: Kalkor (
Date: Sat Sep 21 2002 - 19:06:47 MDT

[Kalkor] Fellow Virians, I agree with Hermit on the strength of his rational
arguments in the statements in Part I and Part II of this General Rejoicing

I'm not going to itemize or quote, I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening
and resting up for my birthday party tomorrow ;-}

[Hermit]As a note to all Virians, Lucifer has previously requested both
financial and cognitive support (as did I) and this does not appear to have
been particularly forthcoming. Certainly, nobody seems to be disagreeing
with Joe Deesí assertion that most here support him.

[Kalkor] I would rather see Joe gone than insane, as he seems to be now. ANY
move by ANY "authority" in this forum that has this effect will be initially
supported 100% by me, and then examined and questioned later. Reactionary,
yes. I *feel* that it is our duty as people who enjoy this forum to keep it
functioning, by any and all means necessary and at our disposal. I am
willing to do whatever it takes that is in my power to achieve this goal. In
the interim, I will continue to do as I have, filter his posts to a side
mailbox where it can be perused for sane remarks at my leisure.

I urge all of you that give a rat's ass to at least say something ;-}
And to those of you that already have, thank you. You know who you are.


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