virus: Bugblaster SR - A high tech bug exterminator

From: rhinoceros (
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 19:25:27 MDT

Here's a high tech laser weapon for bug extermination. The testing procedure is meticulously documented and illustrated.


BUGBLASTER SR - High Power CW YAG Laser in Action (Gallery)

View 01 - BUGBLASTER SR Test bed. Note HeNe pointing beam delivery and excellent optics bench.

View 02 - Target (Mr. Stinkbug awaiting the moment of truth) painted with 632 nm red HeNE pointer showing targeted path of ND:YAG output.

View 03 - YAG control panel powered up and in standby mode.

View 04 - YAG krypton arc lamp and power supply seeing today's reference level of power (230 VAC three-phase input, 28.0 A @ 600 VDC output).

View 05 - "HOUSTON, WE HAVE IGNITION!" - A 1 second burst of serious light! The plasma (blue ball of flame surrounding Mr. Stinkbug) was about 2.5" across. This I found most intriguing as he only measured .75" from nose to ace. :-)

View 06 - Target says bye-bye!

View 07 - Closeup of target shows path of light energy. Note legs and a wing on test bed under targeted area.

View 08 - Light energy that passed through Target was contained with a hardwood barrier backstop.

View 09 - Coherent laser power sensor mounted to output lens for power level reading.

View 10 - Bringing krypton lamp back up to reference 28.0 A for power level reading.

View 11 - Coherent power meter reading 74.5 RMS W of energy!!!

View 12 - Final view of Mr. Stinkbug (reverse angle).


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