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Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 10:07:42 MDT

What a lovely paen there, Sebby. But what does it mean?


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> dearest hermit;
> is this your address? i dont even know it anymore. anyways...the
> chickens are chirping...upset at your dominance etc... other such
> i fear they dont understand you well please chill with your
> reprimands and so forth. they dont know your character well enough to
> understand you. believe it or not, i do. one of my best friends was an
> airforce officer, so i have some glints as to your inner workings.
> please tolerate the b.s. dealt out, and weather the storm...i shall be the
> balast to your oversized sails...which though might move us forward, also
> collect the errant flying fish in the evening. clearly you know me to not
> be one of your minions...but i know the value of your efforts...and
> coincidentally, i happen to agree with pretty much everything you ever
> say...but that is merely due to my own brand of savage brilliance. either
> way....chill out.
> ...let your attackers come ...humor them and lets move on. the social
> aspects of the current 'issues' are boring me as they are you.
> yourself from them. you are fighting pure emotion at this may
> win, but the emotion is the governing factor here. take it from your
> sebby, that people are getting overly excited at the very base prospects
> defeating the grand hermit. if they win, they will lose...and so will i.
> please swallow some undeserved shit..and call me at home : 310 876 8090
> you can. always leave a message if im not around.
> your friend;
> Sebby.
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