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From: Daniel Triplett (
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 01:30:19 MDT

Walter I have to agree with you, for some reason in
this the 21st century, what we earn still defines what
we are worth.
Why is it that some people that make X amount of
money, who May or May not be "Good" people get to
determine what their amount of suffering may be over
someone that is less affluent than they??
When my daughter is ill or hurt does she feel any
different than the daughter of anyone else?
NO!!! 9/11 was a great tragedy but to try to milk
money from the American Public because they feel more
entitled is wrong!!
I know these people lost their loved ones and family
but donít try to make a profit off their death!!

--- Walter Watts <> wrote:
> Could someone please tell me what I'm missing
> here!!!
> The upper-middle to lower-upper class yuppie wives
> (or husbands) and
> children of WTC bond-trading firms (and other
> businesses) are bitching
> and readying lawsuits because they're only getting a
> few hundred
> thousand instead of several million in compensation
> for their loved ones
> being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
> A Taco-Bell employee's wife with several children
> only ponders what
> second full-time minimum wage job she must find when
> her husband dies in
> a tragic traffic accident that wasn't his fault.
> The soft whining underbelly of the American middle
> to upper class
> makes me want to puke.
> Those at the left margins that keep plugging along
> without bitching and
> moaning are the real heroes.
> Heroes that don't realize the American dream is only
> in their dreams.
> Very disgusting!!!!
> Walter
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