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Date: Sat Sep 14 2002 - 20:59:29 MDT

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Subject: President Bush Writes a Star Wars Movie

> President Bush writes Star Wars Movie
> Act 1) The Freedom Fighters stride into the Federation of Planets, and
> demand that unless they are authorised to invade anyone they like
> whenever they want, then they will declare the Federation irrelevant.
> Act 2) The Freedom Fighters manouevre the Death Star over a backwater
> planet which used to be an ally, but whose leaders might be trying to
> build their own Death Starlet.
> Act 3) Amusing shots of civilians being blown to bits or incinerated by
> shots fired from outer space.
> Act 4) When resistance is crushed and the cities levelled, the Freedom
> Fighters land to impose order.
> Act 5) A new ruler who is friendly to the Freedom Fighters is installed.
> He is given a body guard of Freedom Fighter Stormtroopers, and a
> military base is set up to help him maintain his popularity.
> jon

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